Spare PAGES is a GRAMMY™ Considered music duo consisting of  American Poet & Author Azure Antoinette + Australian Singer & Vocalist Emily Rex.

Spare PAGES has created an entirely new genre of music called (sub)SOUL™. (sub)SOUL™ defined is Subconscious Soul music as the vocals that Emily is singing is the overlay to the subconscious poetry that Azure is speaking. What is so vanguard and groundbreaking about Spare PAGES sound is that the sung vocals and poetry are often happening SIMULTANEOUSLY! 

Spare PAGES was born in Los Angeles, California where they are signed to independent label, Haskel Jackson Entertainment. Haskel Jackson is a 7X GRAMMY™ Nominated producer whose credits include but are not limited to, Kanye West, Orange is the New Black (Netflix), Joe, and many more. 

Spare PAGES is currently based in Cooranbong, NSW (Australia), touring in the US, and accepting bookings in the UK. Their second studio album is due at the end of 2017. The (sub)SOUL™ dup plan to submit to the 58th GRAMMY™ awards under a new category that houses their sound. Their fan base and demographic continues to grow in NSW, as their single "Illuminate" debuted in the Top 5 on the R&B charts on iTunes Australia. 


Our only desire is to make music for the rest of our lives. Spare PAGES isn't a club, we are about inclusion. Doesn't matter if you love rock, or country, or rap, or pop - we are a new sound. Our music is about FEELING. Spare PAGES is a movement in melody, if you feel it, then we love you for it. - Azure Antoinette || Poet

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